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Wealth management is for everybody—it is comprehensive planning—for your whole life. Many financial services companies concentrate on only one thing—building wealth. Building wealth is important, but it is only part of a total financial planning process. Like the cornerstones of a pyramid, all four of these areas of private wealth management are important:

Building Wealth

There are many ways to invest money—the challenge is to find the best fit for the individual. How big is your financial advisor’s toolbox? Is he licensed and experienced in multiple areas so that he can find the best fit? Does your risk tolerance fit the investment?

Protecting Wealth

Asset allocation and diversification are time-honored methods for managing risk. Your nest-egg can be at risk if you suffer a shipwreck in one of these areas: health care, disability, life insurance and long-term care insurance. A highly-concentrated portfolio might use options as a hedging strategy. There are also products available today that will guarantee* principal protection if the market suffers a setback.

*Guarantees are backed by the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

Distributing Wealth

Have you considered the most efficient way to spend your retirement savings? All of us want to maximize our retirement nest egg. Some even want to provide a guaranteed stream of income no matter how long they live or no matter what direction the market turns. Tax laws, tax rates, and tax brackets are always changing. Does your strategy include diversification across different tax categories so that you can enhance your retirement income?

Transferring Wealth

It would be a shame to spend a lifetime building wealth only to have it squandered in the courts and lost to taxes. Estate planning will allow you to decide what happens to your estate instead of Uncle Sam. You can pass your assets to your loved ones or create a legacy of values that are important to you. The goal is to maximize the transfer of wealth either during lifetime or at death.

If a comprehensive approach to financial planning makes sense to you*, click here.

*The initial consultation is at no cost.

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